Running around New York. (futurebird) wrote in debunkingclass,
Running around New York.

Oh no the poor people came on the train.

From the NYT's "Freakonomics" blog: Could a Public-Transit Boom Result in a Crime Boom?

“I know it’s not politically correct, but how else do you explain it?” comments a frustrated Galleria store manager who, like many Galleria shopkeepers interviewed by Riverfront Times, says her employer prohibits her from officially speaking for the company.

“Anyone can see all these people crossing Brentwood Boulevard from the MetroLink station,” the manager continues. “Most of them aren’t here to shop. They’re here to hang out and cause trouble.” ....

There are obvious gains: environmental, less road congestion, fewer accidents, etc. But if St. Louis’s experience is at all indicative, there might also be at least one unintended consequence worth thinking about.

When the lower and upper classes mingle all hell breaks lose! It cannot be! It cannot be! GAsp GaSp! Save our high end shopping mall from the scourge of rowdy teens!!

I love how he thinks the public transportation is the problem NOT the giant mob of teens with nothing to do. (Most likely because they have no sports teams or drama clubs at their high school after school...) No! The trains caused this. Like the kids wouldn't be bored and causing trouble someplace else, if they didn't get on the train. The real issue is that middle class and rich white people have to deal with bored poor black teens. Cry me a river.

I also love how it's called an "increase in crime" when I know that these teens (who while I doubt they are perfect, but no teen is "perfect") are probably getting harassed by the mall staff and rent-a-cops, racially profiled followed etc. So, yeah, if you do that you end up with more arrests. Big shock.

So the idea is ... I guess... let's not build any public transportation and just keep the poor people isolated. That'll fix it-- hey-- it's been one of the main motivations behind our fragmented urban planning, and suburbanization, for the past 30 years-- so let's just keep it going!
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