Theener (seekingsartre) wrote in debunkingclass,

Cleaning and class.

I'm thinking about it because I bought some more expensive cat litter than what I usually buy, because I can compost this type of litter. Which may be less expensive in the end if my garden does well this year.

But I'm also thinking about how I set a goal for myself in this year to be cleaner and neater, and how much it's costing me. For instance, I've been using the vacuum and hot water a lot more, which has increased my power use. Even after switching out my old fridge for a more efficient model, my power bill is $20 more for the past two months than it has been. I'm sorting my recycling and recycling absolutely as much as I can, and am spending money on the blue and clear garbage bags that I'm required to use. I'm spending more on cleaning products, and it also seems like I'm generating more waste - if I use paper towels, I have to throw them away, and if I use cloth rags, they eventually have to be washed..... in hot water. I have a roach problem and invested in caulking, roach baits and gels, and a gallon of bleach so that I can wash my counters and cabinets down frequently. Cleaning products are really expensive and the dollar store products don't work as well as the more expensive brands.

Which started me thinking about the fact that I have the money to buy all of this crap, and I'm wondering how much harder it would be if I didn't.

Thoughts on class and cleanliness?
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